Manhattan in Reverse – Peter F. Hamilton

This short story collection contains mostly previously published material, among others the stellar “Watching Trees Grow“, which it was a pleasure to re-read. There are three more standalones, one of which is a very short vignette. The last three stories are set in the Confederation Universe, with the two longer ones featuring investigator extraordinaire Paula Myo. (The third is Blessed by an Angel.) Myo is a very interesting character and could easily be the protagonist of a novel two of her own. Hamilton’s treatment of clinical immortality and crimes committed in an environment with such is stellar as always.

I was left wanting more.

2 Replies to “Manhattan in Reverse – Peter F. Hamilton”

  1. I’ve read Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained and while both were a bit… wordy, I did enjoy them. I picked the above up last week and hope to get around to it soon. My ‘to be read’ pile, were it real books, would fill a dump truck.

    1. “A bit wordy” indeed. 😀

      Night’s Dawn is even longer, as is Void. The nice thing about Hamilton though is that it never feels like a slog. My problem with Manhattan in Reverse is that it felt a bit short.

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