Prisoner’s Hope – David Feintuch

I had run out of books during a holiday in the Greek islands and had to scurry to a second hand bookstore before I lost my sanity. I had seen the “Hope” books in bookstores before, and hoped (ahem) that the books would be more or less good copies of the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

I gave up after a hundred and fifty pages or so. The main character is a total bastard, who takes offense at the smallest slight. The author seems to think that military command entails being a despotic father figure. There may have been a story. And don’t get me started on all the religious stuff. Steer clear of this one and go buy the Honor books instead.

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  1. I, sadly, picked up the previous book in the series, “Challengers Hope” somewhere. Almost convinced me that this was the worst series ever.
    However, that title still belongs to “Gor” with that horrible WWIII series whose author escapes in 2nd place.

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